SPA 75th Anniversary Interviews

Alessandro Crisi

In honor of SPA's 75th anniversary, the website committee coordinated interviews of 25 SPA members, the past 10 living SPA presidents, and the previous, current, and upcoming Journal of Personality Assessment (JPA) editor. The 25 members were chosen to illustrate the diverse nature of the SPA membership for two purposes (a) to illustrate the nature of the membership for potential SPA members and (b) to provide students examples of the types of careers that are possible in assessment. Therefore, we chose representative members both from the U.S. and other countries who work in a variety of areas and settings (e.g., forensic, neuropsychological, health, in government, private practice, academic, and hospital settings). We hope you enjoy reading their interviews as much as we did!

The Website Committee
Joni Mihura, Chair
Cato Gronnerod
Nicolae Dumitrascu
Andrea Kiss

Judith Armstrong

Judith Armstrong, PhD

Clinical and Developmental Psychology, University of California, Berkeley, 1968

Current Positions
Psychological Consultant (Trauma Assessment, Therapeutic Assessment, Forensic Assessment, Trauma Research)
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Southern California

Read Judith's interview here

Anita Boss

Anita L. Boss, PsyD, ABPP

Clinical Psychology, Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, 1993

Current Positions
Independent Practice in Clinical and Forensic Psychology; Alexandria, VA

Read Anita's interview here

Alessandro Crisi

Alessandro Crisi

Psychology, University of Rome, 1976

Current Positions
Founder and President of Istituto Italiano Wartegg
Dynamic Psychotherapist
Technical consultant at the Roma Civil Court
Professor of Clinical Assessment at:
II Specialization School in Clinical Psychology at the Roma University "La Sapienza"
School in Psychotherapy Training - Dynamic orientation (SFPID) in Roma

             Read Alesandro's interview here

Corine de Ruiter

Corine de Ruiter, PhD

Clinical Psychology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1989

Current Positions
Professor of Forensic Psychology, Maastricht University,
The Netherlands Private Forensic Psychology Practice

Read Corine's interview here

Nicolae Dumitrascu

Nicolae Dumitrascu, PhD

Clinical Psychology, University of Toledo, 2011

Current Positions
Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow (Neuropsychology Focus)

Read Nicolae's interview here

Chris M. Front

Chris M. Front, PsyD

Clinical Psychology, Pacific University School of Professional Psychology, 1998

Current Positions
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Office of Aerospace Medicine, Federal Aviation Administration

Read Chris's interview here

Ronald J. Ganellen

Ronald J. Ganellen, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Psychology, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL,1983

Current Positions
Private Practice Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

Read Ronald's interview here

Ellen Hartmann

Ellen Hartmann, PhD

Psychology (professional), University of Oslo, 1970

Current Positions
Professor, Clinical Psychology, University of Oslo
Academic Positions at the University of Bergen and the University of Troms

Read Ellen's interview here

Giselle Aguilar Hass

Giselle Aguilar Hass, PsyD

Clinical Psychology, Nova University (now Nova Southeasternn University), 1992 Clinical Psychology, University of Costa Rica, 1980

Current Positions
Psychologist in Private Practice

Read Giselle's interview here

James Hoelzle

James Hoelzle, PhD

Clinical Psychology, University of Toledo, 2008

Current Positions
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Marquette University

Read James's interview here

Christopher J Hopwood

Christopher J Hopwood, PhD

Clinical Psychology, Texas A&M University, 2008

Current Positions
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Michigan State University

Read Christopher's interview here

Odile Husain

Odile Husain, PhD

Clinical Psychology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, 1992

Current Positions
Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice
Founding Member, Institute of Projective Psychology
Lecturer, University du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres

Read Odile's interview here

Nancy Kaser-Boyd

Nancy Kaser-Boyd, PhD, ABAP

Clinical Psychology, University of Montana, 1980 Postdoctoral Training, University of Southern California Institute of Psychiatry and Law Fellow

Current Positions
Associate Clinical Professor, Geffen School of Medicine/UCLA
Member, Los Angeles County Superior Court Panels (Criminal, Delinquency, Dependency)
Private Practice of Clinical and Forensic Psychology

Read Nancy's interview here

Jim Kleiger

Jim Kleiger, PsyD, ABPP

Clinical Psychology, University of Denver School of Professional Psychology, 1980

Current Positions
President, James Kleiger, PC. Private Practice of Clinical Psychology

Read Jim's interview here

John Kurtz

John Kurtz, PhD

Clinical Psychology, Vanderbilt University, 1994

Current Positions
Professor of Psychology, Villanova University

Read John's interview here

James Loving

James Loving, PsyD

Clinical Psychology, Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, Widener University, 1998

Current Positions
Clinical and forensic psychologist, owner of Loving Psychological Services in Philadelphia, PA
-Adjunct Faculty, Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, Widener University

Read James's interview here

J. Reid Meloy

J. Reid Meloy, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Psychology, U.S. International University (now Alliant International University), 1981

Current Positions
Forensic Psychologist at my own professional corporation

Read Reid's interview here

Piero Porcelli

Piero Porcelli, PhD

University of Rome, Italy, 1986

Current Positions
Clinical psychologist at the IRCCS De Bellis Hospital in Castellana Grotte, Italy
Adjunct professor at the PhD program of Clinical Psychology at the University of Rome-Sapienza for psychosomatic medicine

Read Piero's interview here

John H. Porcerelli

John H. Porcerelli, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Psychology, University of Detroit, 1990

Current Positions
Professor, Department of Family Medicine & Public Health Sciences, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Director of Behavioral Medicine, Family Medicine Residency
Program Director, Primary Care Health Psychology Practicum, WSU/Critenton Family Medicine Clinic
Private Practice, Birmingham, MI

Read John's interview here

Thomas Rosen

Thomas Rosen

Master of Science Clinical Psychology, University of Gothenburg, 2000 Graduate diploma in Psychotherapy, University of Uppsala, 2007

Current Positions
CEO and owner at Mindmeasure AB Chairman of Swedish Rorschach society

Read Thomas's interview here

Alissa Sherry

Alissa Sherry, PhD

Counseling Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi, 2001

Current Positions
Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
Private Practice in Forensic Psychology

Read Alissa's interview here

Steve Smith

Steve Smith, PhD

Clinical Psychology, University of Arkansas, 2001

Current Positions
Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology; University of California, Santa Barbara Private Practice, Santa Barbara, CA

Read Steve's interview here

Michael Stanfill

Michael Stanfill, PhD

Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University-California School of Professional Psychology, 2011

Current Positions
Psychiatric Services Manager Department of Public Health, Jail Health Services Seattle, WA Private practice focusing on personality and forensic assessment Seattle, WA

Read Michael's interview here

Deborah J Tharinger

Deborah J Tharinger, PhD

School Psychology/Developmental Psychology/Educational Psychology, University of California at Berkeley, 1981

Current Positions
Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Independent Practitioner of Psychological Assessment and Psychotherapy

Read Deborah's interview here

Ed Wise

Ed Wise, PhD

Clinical-Community Psychology, University of Wyoming, 1980

Current Positions
President, Mental Health Resources Health Service Provider, Psychology, TN

Read Ed's interview here

SPA President's Interviews

Radhika Krishnamurthy

Radhika Krishnamurthy, PsyD, ABAP

Clinical Psychology, Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology, 1994

President from: 2011 - 2013

Current Positions
Professor of Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology

Read Radhika's interview here

Robert E. Erard

Robert E. Erard, PhD

Clinical Psychology, Horace Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1983

President from: 2009 - 2011

Current Positions
Clinical and forensic psychologist Clinical Director of Psychological Institutes of Michigan, P.C.

Read Robert's interview here

Virginia Brabender

Virginia Brabender, PhD, ABPP

Theoretical Psychology, Fordham University, 1976

President from: 2007 - 2009

Current Positions
Professor of Psychology, Widener University SPA's Liaison to the Board of Educational Affairs of APA

Read Virginia's interview here

Irving B. Weiner

Irving B. Weiner, PhD, ABPP, ABAP

Clinical Psychology, University of Michigan, 1959

President from: 2005 - 2007

Current Positions
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences, University of South Florida

Read Irving's interview here

Leonard (Len) Handler

Leonard (Len) Handler, PhD, ABAP

Clinical Psychology, Michigan State University, 1964

President from: 2003 - 2005

Current Positions
Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, University of Tennessee

Read Len's interview here

Stephen E. Finn

Stephen E. Finn, PhD

Clinical Psychology, University of Minnesota, 1984

President from: 2001 - 2003

Current Positions
Member, Center for Therapeutic Assessment Clinical Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin Director of Training, European Center for Therapeutic Assessment, Catholic University of Milan, Italy

Read Stephen's interview here

Sandra Russ

Sandra Russ, PhD

Clinical Child Psychology, University of Pittsburgh, 1970

President from: 1999 - 2001

Current Positions
Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

Read Sandra's interview here

Bruce L. Smith

Bruce L. Smith, PhD, ABAP

Clinical Psychology, Harvard University, 1973

President from: 1997 - 1999

Current Positions
Private Practice, Berkeley, CA Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology, Univ. of California Berkeley Visiting Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Read Bruce's interview here

Barry Ritzler

Barry Ritzler, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Psychology, Wayne State University, 1969

President from: 1995 - 1997

Current Positions
Professor Emeritus, Long Island University, Department of Psychology

Barry's interview here

Mary S. Cerney

Mary S. Cerney, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Psychology, Catholic University of America

President from: 1993 - 1995

Current Positions
Deceased (1929-1996)


SPA's Annual Mary S. Cerney Memorial Award

Paul M. Lerner

Paul M. Lerner, EdD

Counseling Psychology, University of Illinois, 1964

President from: 1991 - 1993

Current Positions
Deceased (1937-2006)


Journal of Personality Assessment Special Series: A Tribute to Paul Lerner
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Philip Erdberg

Philip Erdberg, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Psychology, University of Alabama, 1969

President from: 1989 - 1991

Current Positions
R-PAS Development Team
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California
San Francisco - Independent consulting practice

Read Philip's interview here

SPA Editors

Steven Huprich

Steven Huprich, PhD

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Clinical Psychology, 1999

Editor beginning July 2013

Current Positions
Professor of Psychology, Eastern Michigan University
Part-Time, Private Practice
Associate Editor - Journal of Personality Disorders

Read Steven's interview here

Gregory J Meyer

Gregory J Meyer, PhD

Clinical Psychology, Loyola University of Chicago, 1990

Editor 2002 - 2013

Current Positions
Professor of Psychology, University of Toledo

Read Gregory's interview here

Bill N. Kinder, Ph.D

Clinical Psychology, University of South Carolina, 1975

Editor 1993 - 2002

Current Positions
Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, University of South Florida

Read Bill's interview here

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