Ksera Dyette

Williams James College


Member Since: 2012

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Professional Bio

Ksera Dyette, Psy.D. (she/her) is a Queer Black West Indian, Immigrant, who is Founder and CEO of Cup of Tea Counselling, & Consulting, LLC and Staff Psychologist at the William James College Juvenile Court Clinic. She has been a member of SPA since 2012, joining during her graduate training at Widener University. Dr. Dyette is passionate about all things personality assessment but always had a focused concern on systematically oppressed populations, identifying as being part of several, herself. Dr. Dyette is honored to be able to give back to SPA through her role as Chair of the Diversity and Social Justice Committee.


Parent: Williams James College

1 Wells Ave Clinical Psychology Newton, PA 02459 USA

Photo of Ksera Dyette

Interest Group

Collaborative-Therapeutic Assessment, Forensic, Health Psychology, Psychoanalytic Assessment

Practice Assessment Activity Areas

Outpatient, Forensic

Practice Assessment Populations Served

Child, Adolescent, Adult