Bruno Klopfer Award 

The Bruno Klopfer Award is bestowed annually for outstanding, long-term professional contribution to scholarship in the field of personality assessment. The award honors a lifetime of active and impactful research related to personality assessment and psychological test development.

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Meet the Bruno Klopfer Award Winner, Dr. Yossef S. Ben-Porath!

Dr. Yossef Ben-Porath is a Professor of Psychological Sciences at Kent State University. He received his doctoral training at the University of Minnesota and has been involved extensively in MMPI research for the past 37 years. He is a co-developer of the MMPI-3, MMPI-2-RF, and MMPI-A-RF and co-author of test manuals, books, book chapters, and articles on the MMPI instruments. Former Editor-in-Chief of the journals Assessment and Psychological Assessment, Dr. Ben-Porath is a board-certified psychologist (American Board of Professional Psychology-Clinical) whose clinical practice involves supervision of assessments at Kent State’s Psychological Clinic, consultation to agencies that screen candidates for public safety positions, and provision of consultation and expert witness services in forensic cases

Bruno Klopfer Award Winners

The BRUNO KLOPFER AWARD is bestowed annually for outstanding, long-term professional contribution to the field of personality assessment. 
Aaron Lee Pincus

Aaron Lee Pincus

Professor of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

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R. Michael Bagby

Professor, University of Toronto

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Judith Armstrong

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Thomas A. Widiger

University of Kentucky

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Leslie C. Morey

Texas A&M University


Robert Hare

Robert Hare


John R. Graham

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Phebe Cramer

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Robert R. McCrae


David L. Shapiro

Nova Southeastern University

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Stephen E. Finn

Stephen E. Finn

Center for Therapeutic Assessment

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Roger L. Greene

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