Career Development and Education Committee

  • Provide educational and career development opportunities aimed at expanding (1) theoretical and practical application of personality assessment and (2) awareness of diverse career opportunities within personality assessment
  • Generally chairs a symposia/roundtable discussion during the annual convention
  • Ongoing projects:
    • Assessment Internship Site Database

Community Committee

  • Fostering community and connection between SPAGS members, the SPAGS board, and the SPA board
    • The President is required to serve on this committee
  • Generally plans to SPAGS social event during the convention

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

  • Draw attention to how we can embrace a greater understanding of intersectional diversity and inclusion into our roles and membership in SPAGS; Use our platform amplify and embrace the voices and work of diverse members of SPAGS
  • Generally chairs a symposia/roundtable discussion during the annual convention

Leadership Committee

  • Lead the SPAGS Board, interface with the SPA Board, and facilitate elections and onboarding of SPAGS board members
    • Immediate Past President (Organizes and runs SPAGS meetings during first half of term)
      • On-boards president elect
    • President (Serves as the voices of SPAGS to the SPA Board)
    • President-elect (Organizes and runs SPAGS meetings during second half of term)

Recruitment and Retention Committee

  • Recruit and retain a diverse undergraduate and graduate student base in SPA with a focus on diversifying the membership of SPAGS (e.g., race, disability, gender, sexuality, etc.)

Open Proposal

  • Open call for committee/initiative