About Us

With 1,000 international members, we are the largest organization in the world focused exclusively on the advancement of the practice, science, and impact of the field of personality assessment. Our membership is varied and includes clinicians in private practice, forensic assessors, researchers in private and public setting, undergraduate and graduate students interested in this subject matter, and educators in academic settings.

SPA focuses on the unique needs and interests of its members by:

  • Offering an Annual Convention Meetings and publications tailored to their needs and interests
  • Providing opportunities to meet colleagues and develop professional relationships
  • Promoting research in personality assessment
  • Actively advocating for legislative issues on behalf of personality assessment
  • Fostering professional and educational development
  • Supporting membership with research and travel grants


The Society for Personality Assessment is dedicated to the development of methods of personality assessment, the advancement of research on their effectiveness, the exchange of ideas about the theory and practice of assessment, and the promotion of the applied practice of personality assessment.


Passion for the field and its advancement

SPA actively strives to demonstrate passion for the field of personality assessment and be the leading institution for its advancement. SPA members broadly advocate for the theory, practice and promotion of the field and its greater impact on society.

Commitment to building an inclusive community of ethically sound, engaged and diverse professionals

SPA prioritizes the building of an inclusive community of assessment professionals dedicated to fostering connections and promoting the research of others. SPA members dedicate themselves to uphold this community through conduct and connection with other professionals.

Dedication to more knowledge and the pursuit of continuing education

SPA supports and encourages the continuation of education and foster opportunities for professional growth. SPA members conscientiously pursue further professional development opportunities to continue advancing their knowledge of assessment.