Samuel J. and Anne G. Beck Early Career Award

The Samuel J. and Anne G. Beck Early Career Award is bestowed annually for outstanding early career research in the field of personality assessment. The award honors scholars who are no more than 10 years beyond their graduate degree and whose early work has been characterized by substantial innovation and promise for the field of personality assessment and psychological test development.

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Meet the Samuel J. and Anne G. Beck Award Winner,
Dr. Katie C. Lewis!

Katie C. Lewis, PhD, serves as the Director of Research at the Austen Riggs Center. Her research examines interpersonal behaviors, personality processes, and suicidal ideation in adult psychiatric patients using experience sampling methodology. Dr. Lewis received a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University. In the past, she has served as the graduate student representative on the Ethics Board of APA’s Division 39 and as an Associate Editor for the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Her research has been supported by the Robert Wallerstein Fellowship in Psychoanalytic Research, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and the Division 39 Marsha McCary Fund for Psychoanalysis. She has published and presented on a wide range of topics, including suicide and self-harming behaviors, personality psychopathology and assessment, loneliness and social disconnection, and the ethics of confidentiality in clinical writing. She currently serves as a Representative-at-Large and Co-Chair of the CE Committee for the Society for Personality Assessment, and as a Consulting Editor and Section Editor for the Journal of Personality Assessment.

Samuel J. and Anne G. Beck Award Winners

The SAMUEL J. and ANNE G. BECK AWARD is bestowed annually for outstanding early career research in the field of personality assessment. The cash award is presented at the Annual Meeting.
  • Katie C. Lewis

    Katie C. Lewis

    Director of Research, Austen Riggs Center


  • Tess M.S. Neal

    Tess M.S. Neal

    Associate Professor and Dean's Professor of Psychology, University of Iowa


  • Jaime Anderson

    Jaime Anderson

    Sam Houston State University

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  • Michael J. Roche

    Associate Professor of Psychology, West Chester University


  • Ryan Joseph Marek

    Ryan Joseph Marek

    Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, Sam Houston State University


  • Aidan G. Wright


  • Nicole M Cain

    Nicole M Cain

    Rutgers University


  • Justin Dean Smith

    University of Utah

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  • Dustin Boyd Wygant

    Dustin Boyd Wygant

    Professor of Psychology, Eastern Kentucky University

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  • Michelle B. Stein

    Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

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  • Jennifer L Tackett

    Jennifer L Tackett

    University of Houston

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  • James Bernard Hoelzle


  • Christopher J. Hopwood

    Christopher J. Hopwood

    Professor of Personality Psychology, University of Zurich


  • Matthew Ryan Baity

    Alliant International University