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In response to SPA’s survey of members, many assessors expressed a wish to talk with other assessors to learn what they are doing and to share tips. SPA is working to provide such an online forum for members; however, in the meantime, here are other such forums:

General assessment. The Testing Psychologist Community Facebook group here.

Rorschach assessment. General Rorschach Facebook group here. R-PAS Forum for all account holders here.

Taking Care of Yourself During Pandemics

Mental health professions are generally notorious for thinking about others and ignoring the well-being of our own selves. The disruption of regular daily activities can be a time for all of us to ‘reset’ and make some changes. Below are some websites focused on self-care during COVID-19.

The following basics are discussed: here

  1. Be good to your body
  2. Follow a schedule
  3. Be kind to your mind
  4. Find moments of stillness
  5. Share love
Let us know other helpful websites or tips! Email us at:

1Resources from the COVID-19 Task Force to Support Personality Assessment. A. Jordan Wright, New York University (Co-Chair); Joni L. Mihura, University of Toledo (Co-Chair); Kirsten Buckingham, University of Toledo; Raja David, Minnesota Center for Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment; Luciano Giromini, University of Turin, Italy; Carla Hisatugo, I Am Boundless; Lindsay Ingram, Oregon State Hospital.