Journal of Personality Assessment

The Journal of Personality Assessment (JPA), the official journal of SPA, seeks to publish articles on the methods and applications related to the psychological assessment of psychopathology, maladaptive personality, and normative personality processes. JPA strives to publish cutting edge research, which can occur in a number of contexts and settings, including clinical/consulting, counseling, neuropsychological, forensic, health, social/community, multicultural, developmental/educational, industrial/organizational, and screening of candidates for public safety positions.

All members of SPA receive the electronic version of the Journal of Personality Assessment as part of membership benefits, with the ability to upgrade to a print version that is delivered six times a year.

History of JPA Editors

Current JPA Editorial Board

Please visit this webpage for a full listing of the JPA Editorial Board:
  • Martin Sellbom

    Martin Sellbom

    Professor in Clinical Psychology, University of Otago


  • Joye Anestis

    Joye Anestis

    Associate Professor, Rutgers University

    Associate Editor

  • Nicole M Cain

    Nicole M Cain

    Rutgers University

    Associate Editor

  • Robert Latzman

    Associate Editor

  • Tayla T.C. Lee

    Tayla T.C. Lee

    Associate Professor, Ball State University

    Associate Editor

  • Tess M.S. Neal

    Tess M.S. Neal

    Associate Professor and Dean's Professor of Psychology, University of Iowa

    Associate Editor

  • Corine De Ruiter

    Corine De Ruiter

    Professor of Forensic Psychology, Maastricht University

    Associate Editor

  • Oliver Schulteiss

    Associate Editor

  • Virgil Zeigler-Hill

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    Associate Editor

  • Johannes Zimmermann

    University of Kassel

    Associate Editor

  • Colette Rivera

    Editorial Assistant

  • R. Michael Furr

    Wake Forest University

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    Statistical Developments & Applications Section Ed

  • David L. Streiner

    David L. Streiner

    View Profile


    Statistical Developments & Applications Section Ed

  • Christopher J. Hopwood

    Christopher J. Hopwood

    Professor of Personality Psychology, University of Zurich

    Clinical Applications & Case Studies Section Ed

  • Katie C. Lewis

    Katie C. Lewis

    Director of Research, Austen Riggs Center

    Clinical Applications & Case Studies Section Ed

  • Hadas Pade

    Hadas Pade

    The Wright Institute

    Clinical Applications & Case Studies Section Ed

  • Ronald J. Ganellen

    Ronald J. Ganellen

    Book, Software, & Test Reviews Section Editor