Elections & Nominations

For the 2024 Election cycle, the following positions were open (please click on a position title to see a job description of each position, including qualifications, duties, and estimated time commitments):


Once the nomination date of May 28 has passed, SPA staff will be in contact with all individuals to share more information about the positions and the process. All individuals nominated will be invited to submit their interest through an application by June 30, and from those that apply, references will be requested by July 20, and the committee will identify a set of finalists to interview during the months of July and August 2024. The election slate will then be presented to the SPA Board for approval. Once approved, members will be able to vote on the ballot in September 2024, and then the new leaders will join on January 1, 2025. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Jill Clemence, SPA Past President and Chair of the Leadership Development Committee, or Nathan Victoria, SPA Executive Director, through email at ajillclemence@rrmc.org or nvictoria@personality.org

Our Candidate Leadership Guide provides details about the responsibilities, expectations, and time commitment, as well as the competencies, experience, and expertise we are seeking in our Board members. Individuals who possess the competencies, experience, and expertise identified in the guide are highly encouraged to self-nominate.

Download Candidate Leadership Guide

The work of the SPA Board of Directors is guided by the 2022-2027 Strategic Framework. Although the specific strategies selected each year will vary and are determined at the Fall Board Retreat, all candidates must be familiar with the Framework and should have experience related to some aspects of the Strategic Framework. 

Download 2022-2027 Strategic Framework

The SPA Board of Directors ballot is now closed.

We would like to thank all of our SPA members that participated in our election process for the new 2024 SPA Leadership Board members. After reviewing the results and contacting all of the candidates, we're please to provide the results of the election. Please help us in welcoming the following new Board members for 2024!

2024 President-Elect 
Nicole Cain
Nicole Cain, PhD

2024 Representatives-at-Large 
Stephen Finn Len Simms
Stephen Finn, PhD
 Len Simms, PhD