Mary S. Cerney Student Paper Award

The Mary S. Cerney Student Paper Award is given annually to the best student paper dealing with some aspect of personality assessment. Eligible papers are those first-authored by a student (at the time the work was completed) and published in the past year. 

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Meet the 2021 Mary S. Cerney Award Winner, Elizabeth Edershile!

Elizabeth A. Edershile is a graduate student researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Elizabeth is interested in the processes that underlie personality pathology. Currently, her work emphasizes movement away from thinking of constructs, such as narcissism, as static in nature, but, rather, as composed of more complex processes.

Mary S. Cerney Award Winners

The MARY S. CERNEY AWARD is given annually to the best personality assessment research paper submitted by a student. This award carries a stipend to defray the cost of attending the Annual meeting. See the SPA Graduate Student page (SPAGS) for more information.

Whitney Raw Ringwald

University of Pittsburgh


Benjamin Johnson


Abby L. Mulay

Abby L. Mulay

Medical University of South Carolina


Trevor Ford Williams

Northwestern University

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Jaime Anderson

Jaime Anderson

Sam Houston State University

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Ryan Joseph Marek

Ryan Joseph Marek

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine


Mark R. Lukowitsky


Psychologist, Albany Medical College

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Carlo O.C. Veltri

St. Olaf College


Luciano Giromini

Luciano Giromini

University of Turin


Justin Dean Smith

University of Utah

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Aidan G. Wright