Utility and Impact of Personality Assessment Taskforce

Utility/Impact of Personality Assessment Taskforce

This taskforce leads the 2023 Strategic Framework Strategy of defining the utility & impact of personality assessment and communicating its value. Specific responsibilities of this taskforce will include evaluating the grant proposals submitted for the one-time Utility and Impact of Assessment Grant, developing online programs related to this topic, identifying relevant articles and resources to be posted on the SPA website, and discussing the potential concept of a special issue dedicated to this topic.
  • Jan H Kamphuis

    Jan H Kamphuis

    University of Amsterdam

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  • Taylor Rodriguez

    student, Rutgers University

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  • Martin Sellbom

    Martin Sellbom

    Professor in Clinical Psychology, University of Otago

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  • Leonard J. Simms

    Leonard J. Simms

    SUNY at Buffalo

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  • Courtney Wiesepape

    Courtney Wiesepape

    Clinical Research Specialist , Indiana University School of Medicine

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  • Christopher J. Hopwood

    Christopher J. Hopwood

    Professor of Personality Psychology, University of Zurich

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