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Clinical assessment of interpersonal dynamics (1.5 CEs)

The focus of this symposium is the clinical assessment of interpersonal dynamics. Asan and Pincus will examine the associations of several common clinical measures of schizotypy across interpersonal circumplex surfaces. Kehl and colleagues will examine how the convergence of interpersonal values and efficacies is related to interpersonal problems. Meisel and colleagues will describe how interpersonal interactions between parents and teens can be used to predict teen substance use risk. Finally, Luo and colleagues will demonstrate the use of a single case design for examining links between interpersonal processes and psychotherapy ruptures.


Christopher Hopwood | UC Davis 

Goals & Objectives 
  1. Describe the interpersonal features of schizotype. 
  2. Apply interpersonal assessment to disentangle values from abilities. 
  3. Explain the interpersonal dynamics associated with adaptive parenting. 

Establishing Construct Validity of Schizotypy Within and Across Interpersonal Circumplex Surfaces

A. Esin Asan | Pennsylvania State University
Aaron L. Pincus, PhD | Pennsylvania State University

A Response Surface Analysis Investigation of the Effects of (Mis)Alignment between Interpersonal Values and Efficacies on Interpersonal Problems

Madeline Kehl, PhD | University of Pittsburgh

Elizabeth Edershile, MS | University of Pittsburgh

Christopher J. Hopwood, PhD | UC Davis
Aidan G.C. Wright, PhD | University of Pittsburgh

Using the Continuous Assessment of Interpersonal Dynamics to Identify Adaptive Parent- Adolescent Substance Use Discussions

Samuel N. Meisel, MS | University at Buffalo

Craig R. Colder, PhD | University at Buffalo

Christopher J. Hopwood, PhD | UC Davis

Integrating Dynamic Assessments and Idiographic Analyses to Examine Interpersonal Microprocesses in Therapeutic Alliance Ruptures

Xiaochen Luo, PhD | Santa Clara University
Evan W. Good, MS | Michigan State University
Joshua Turchan, PhD | Michigan State University

Alytia A. Levendosky, PhD | Michigan State University

Christopher J. Hopwood, PhD | UC Davis


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