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Callie Elaine Jowers

Callie Elaine Jowers

Professional Bio

Callie Jowers is a third-year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at the University of Detroit Mercy. She is originally from Augusta, Georgia and moved to Detroit, Michigan for her doctorate in 2017. She obtained a bachelor of arts degree in psychology and a master’s of science degree in psychology with a clinical focus from Augusta University. She has been involved in several areas of research spanning the subfields of neuroscience to personality and psychotherapy research. Her interest in personality developed at a young age out of a curiosity about unconscious processes, as well as self and interpersonal functioning. She is interested in multi-method personality assessment, diagnosis, and the relationship between therapist/patient personality and psychotherapy process and outcome. Embedded in these interests is also the role of unconscious processes in shaping personality structure and interpersonal functioning. Outside of her academic and clinical work, she enjoys attending concerts, traveling, trying new restaurants around metro Detroit, and spending time with close friends and colleagues.
Callie Elaine Jowers


University of Detroit Mercy 2020


Interest Group

Forensic, Psychoanalytic Assessment, Education and Training

Practice Assessment Populations Served