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Ethan Teng Xiong completed his clinical psychology doctoral studies at the University of Detroit Mercy in Detroit, Michigan in May 2022. Previously, he has earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University in the Twin Cities. Currently, Ethan is a postdoctoral fellow student at the VA Memphis Healthcare Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee. Ethan has completed his dissertation research study which focused on barriers, access, and disparities to mental health treatment and utilization. Specifically, he investigated attitudes and behaviors toward seeking mental healthcare and services that were thought to have been influenced by factors such as acculturation process, Hmong traditional beliefs and practices, general religiosity and involvement, and personality characteristics. He is especially interested in understanding the current mental health status of the Hmong in the U.S. which he believes was impacted by longstanding historical traumas that the Hmong have endured because of the Vietnam War experience. Upon completion of his studies, Ethan hopes to advocate for and shape mental healthcare policies and programs at all state and government levels that pertain to the mental health care and needs of the Hmong American populations. Ethan also hopes to provide mental healthcare and services through therapy and assessment within the government, public, and private sectors. Finally, Ethan has been a long-time activist and a performance artist in the Hmong American community. In his spare time, Ethan enjoys attending to his many colorful gold fish!


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Argosy University 2011

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