Jared Ruchensky

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I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Sam Houston State University (SHSU). I completed my PhD in Clinical Psychology at Texas A&M University and my predoctoral internship at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital. I currently work within the Clinical Psychology PhD program at SHSU.

My research focuses on the assessment of personality pathology and other psychological constructs, especially those relevant to forensic settings. Topics I emphasize in my work include psychopathic personality disorder (psychopathy) and the Alternative Model for Personality Disorders. I use advanced statistical techniques to understand measurement issues in instruments designed to assess these constructs. My current projects focus on the interpersonal processes associated with the triarchic model of psychopathy, adapting psychopathy measures into Spanish, using the Personality Assessment Inventory in applied settings, and clarifying links between personality pathology and experiences of discrimination and prejudice.
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