Jennifer Katherine Boland

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Professional Bio

My name is Jenn Boland, and I am currently a fifth-year clinical psychology doctoral student at Sam Houston State University, where I work with Dr. Jaime Anderson. I have been a member of SPA since my first year, and I have been attending SPA conferences since 2018. Additionally, I previously ran the SPA Twitter account (@SPA1938) from 2018-2020. My research focuses on dimensional models of personality, clinician bias in the treatment of borderline personality disorder, and associations between personality and social media behaviors. Clinically, my focus leans towards forensic assessment, of which I believe personality assessment instruments can be an important component. Upon the completion of my doctoral studies, I intend to pursue a faculty position that will allow me the ability to continue my personality-focused research, and I intend to build a forensic assessment-oriented private practice over time. When I'm not busy with school, I can usually be found napping, exercising, playing video games, or watching reality tv.
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Collaborative-Therapeutic Assessment, Forensic

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