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Julianna Nails is a senior Psychology major at Villanova University pursuing an Honors degree with minors in Counseling and Philosophy. Born in Chicago, IL but raised in Yardley, PA, Julianna is interested in the nature of mental illness and has sought to understand its origins through work with Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Most recently, she worked with the University of Michigan to research the foundations of mindfulness and its use as a treatment for mental disorders. Julianna is currently working on her Honors degree thesis which investigates the assumption that college students are more psychologically distressed today than they were 30 years ago. She is thrilled to be presenting a poster at the 2022 SPA Convention on her research, titled "Is There Really a Mental Health Crisis Among College Students?" By painting an accurate picture of the mental health condition of college students today, Julianna hopes her research will highlight the importance for college campuses to provide ample mental health resources for their students.


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