Katie C. Lewis

Director of Research

Austen Riggs Center


Member Since: 2018

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Katie C. Lewis, PhD serves as the Director of Research at the Austen Riggs Center. Her research examines interpersonal behaviors, personality processes, and suicidal ideation in adult psychiatric patients using experience sampling methodology. Dr. Lewis received a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University. In the past, she has served as the graduate student representative on the Ethics Board of Division 39 and as an Associate Editor for the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Her research has been supported by the Robert Wallerstein Fellowship in Psychoanalytic Research, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and the Division 39 Marsha McCary Fund for Psychoanalysis. She has published and presented on a wide range of topics, including suicide and self-harming behaviors, personality psychopathology and assessment, and the ethics of confidentiality in clinical writing. She currently serves as a Consulting Editor and Section Editor for the Journal of Personality Assessment.


Parent: Austen Riggs Center

25 Main Street Stockbridge, MA 01262 USA


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Psychoanalytic Assessment, Education and Training

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