Krystal Smith

Licensed Psychologist

Mt. Rose Counseling and Wellness

Early Career

Member Since: 2023

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Professional Bio

Krystal is a licensed psychologist who currently works in private practice in Reno, NV. She enjoys working with adults and adolescents from culturally diverse backgrounds focusing on a wide range of concerns such as anxiety, ADHD, burnout, depression, PTSD, interpersonal/ relationship difficulties, race-based stress/trauma, general school-work-life balance stress, as well as those simply seeking a bit more fulfillment or life satisfaction. Additionally, Krystal’s clinical experience include conducting neuropsychological evaluations, leading therapeutic groups such as: Anger Management, Interpersonal Support for Graduate Students, Stress Management for Women, and helping clients cultivate a healthy relationship with exercise. She also has a passion for social justice, advocacy and the important role they play in mental health.


Parent: Mt. Rose Counseling and Wellness


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National University -JFK School of Psychology 2021


Interest Group

Collaborative-Therapeutic Assessment, Health Psychology, Psychoanalytic Assessment, Education and Training

Practice Assessment Activity Areas

Administration, Outpatient, Health, Neuropsychology

Practice Assessment Populations Served

Adolescent, Adult