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Professional Bio

Mattea Parker (she/her) is a first-year master's student in the Clinical Psychology and Quantitative Psychology programs at Ball State University. At Ball State, Mattea is a graduate assistant in the Personality and Psychopathology (P2) Lab under the supervision of Dr. Tayla Lee.

Mattea is exploring the influence cultural and environmental factors have on externalizing psychopathology in youth and families. She also studies culturally fair assessments, aiming to discern if an individual’s behavior is an indication of externalization or a culturally appropriate response.

Prior to joining the P2 Lab, Mattea was a project management intern through the Columbia University Irving Medical Center and The New York State Psychiatric Institute for a study implementing an alcohol reduction and family engagement intervention for problem-drinking fathers in Eldoret, Kenya. In the P2 Lab, Mattea’s primary responsibilities involve data management of information coming from a large community-based research project at the Youth Opportunity Center.

In her free time, Mattea loves spending time with her dog Judah, learning to cook vegan meals, and engaging in nature walks and yoga.


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Collaborative-Therapeutic Assessment, Forensic