Ryan Joseph Marek

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology

Sam Houston State University


Member Since: 2013

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Professional Bio

Dr. Marek’s program of research is focused on understanding how psychological factors contribute to medical outcomes. He currently has over 50 peer-reviewed publications mostly focused on pre-surgical psychological evaluations and how they predict various outcomes. Dr. Marek uses his research to help patients manage risk factors prior to and after surgery to help them achieve good outcomes. He also has interests in psychological assessment and notably uses and studies the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) in his research and practice. He has been recognized by a few national organizations who have awarded him early-career research awards for his work in pre-surgical psychological evaluations. He also is lead author on the book “Presurgical Psychological Assessment: Evidence Based Practices and Procedures”. He has a private practice where he does various psychological assessments.


Parent: Sam Houston State University

144 Interstate 45 North Box 2447 Huntsville, TX 77341 USA


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Kent State University 2017


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Health Psychology, Education and Training

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Outpatient, Health

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