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SPA Convention Presentations

  • Therapeutic Assessment with Children: A Brief Intervention to Address the Current Mental Health Crisis in Children and Families 
  • Assessing Multicultural Bipolar Disorder: Challenges, Implications, and Solutions
  • Culturally Responsive Personality Assessment 
  • Cultural Mistrust and Psychological Assessment: A Nuance Look at Paranoia Scores 
  • Psychological Assessment of Racial and Cultural Trauma 
  • SPAGS Presents: From Supervision to Classrooms: Where Do We Go When Conversations on Diversity go Awry? 
  • Advocacy within Psychological Assessment: Addressing Client Concerns and Challenging Beliefs of Clinicians and Systems 
  • From Assessment Coursework to Clinical Work: The Intricacies of Graduate Assessment Training 
  • Use of Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) with Diverse Populations: Exploring Trainee Psychologists' Experiences 
  • Interpersonal Valence of Ethnocultural Empathy
  • Assessing Personality Pathology 
  • Integrating Multicultural Competencies and Social Justice into Assessment through Use of the Wright-Constantine Structural Cultural Interview 
  • You're Invalid? A Case Discussion Highlighting the Complications When Diversity, Identity, Cognitive Decompensation, and Validity Measures Collide 
  • Disambiguating the "Right Voice" from the "White Voice" When Teaching Report Writing
  • Predictive Invariance of a Measure of Perfectionism Across Race When Predicting Mistake Rumination 
  • Intersecting Identities: Masculine Gender Norm Values and MMPI-3 Pathology Endorsement 
  • Measurement Invariance Across Sexual and Gender Identity for the Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale 


SPA Convention Presentations

"Me entiendes?": The Complexity of Assessing Bilingual Youth with Trauma 

  • Assessing the Functions of Language: Language as a Tool to Create New Connections and to Distance from the Past | Catherine Anicama, PhD 
  • Regulating with Language: Using Bilingual Therapeutic Collaborative Assessment to Support a Parent-Child Relationship | Vanessa Shafa, PhD 

Utilization of a Culturally Focused Semi-Structured Interview (WCSCI) in Clinical Assessment Training: Input from Trainees , Supervisors, and Clients 

  • The Wright-Constantine Structured Interview (WCSCI) | A. Jordan Wright, PhD
  • Using a Culturally Focused Interview in Assessment Training: Client Feedback and Lessons Learned | Emily Crew & Manizeh Raza 

Using Network Analysis to Understand Antisocial and Borderline Personality Disorder Across Race/Ethnicity in a Justice-Involved Sample 

Diversity Poster Award Winners 

Dependency and Detachment Across Culture and Context: Contrasting Relationship Profile Test Scores in Taiwanese and American Participants 

Ting-Yun Tseng, MA | Adelphi University 

Robert F. Bornstein, PhD | Adelphi University