Membership Committee

Sunday, November 19, 2023
Category: Deadlines

Committee Objectives 

The Membership Committee will focus on identification, development and implementation of strategies and tactics to advance SPA’s goals and objectives related to membership. Membership development is important as a means to govern the organization and achieve its overall mission. 

Specifically, the Membership Committee supports all tenets of the Association Strategic Direction, with an emphasis on:

  • Recruitment: The Membership Committee will work with SPA staff to recommend goals, strategies and objectives for recruitment by analyzing market influences and trends affecting recruitment.
  • Retention: The Membership Committee will strive to build and strengthen member relations by working with SPA staff and volunteers to determine and implement new ways to increase member value and satisfaction in relation to current member needs.
  • Engagement: The Membership Committee will help foster and build SPA spirit and community by working with SPA staff, volunteers and resources to evaluate, enhance and influence a positive member experience.


Committee Member Representation and Qualifications 

As a whole, the committee would be comprised of SPA members that:

  • Represent global society membership.
  • Represent student, early career, as well as mid/late career members, and both clinical and academic professionals.
  • Be committed to ensuring the advancement of the SPA Strategic Framework.


Estimated Time Commitment and Meeting Format 

While hard to estimate, on average, we expect no more than 2-4 hours of meetings and outside work per month. Having said that, the goals the committee sets for itself may necessitate a larger time commitment.  All meetings will be virtual and will occur through Zoom.

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