Clifford M. DeCato

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Clifford DeCatoClifford M. DeCato, Ph.D.


Clifford M. DeCato, Ph.D. Passed away on July 2, 2023.  Cliff was a longstanding member of the Society for Personality Assessment.  Among his accomplishments was the creation of a training program in personality assessment first, at Hahnemann University, and then, at Widener University.  He taught and supervised generations of Psy.D. students in personality assessment, and many went on to be active members of SPA.  Cliff obtained his Ph.D. from Temple University where he was exposed to the thinking of Zygmunt Piotrowski who stimulated his interest in the Rorschach, particularly, the Perceptanalysis, and the Bender-Gestalt Test. Over his career, Cliff published books and articles on the Rorschach with a particular focus on the Human Movement response.  Cliff edited a special series of four essays on the life and contributions of Zygmunt A. Piotrowski, published in the Journal of Personality Assessment in 2010. He also developed a system for studying the assessment supervision process. 

- Virginia Barbender