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Development of Measures to Assess the Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP) (1.5 CEs)

The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP) consortium has proposed an alternative, evidence-based, and dimensional classification for psychopathology that focuses on the empirical structure of psychopathology rather than consensus judgements of psychiatric experts. HiTOP promises to provide psychometrically robust targets for research and clinical practice, but this promise cannot be fully realized until HiTOP-specific measures are developed. To that end, in this symposium we present the current status of efforts by the HiTOP Measurement Development Workgroup to build such measures. The symposium will include six presentations. First, Leonard Simms will introduce the HiTOP model and describe the measurement principles and practices on which HiTOP measures are being developed. Second, David Watson will describe the development and initial validation of measures of internalizing psychopathology, which has resulted in a provisional set of 35 scales that encompass all major forms of internalizing. Third, Marin Sellbom will detail the development of constructs and associated scales in the comprehensive assessment of eating pathology and somatization. Results thus far have indicated 4 candidate scales for somatization and 6 candidate scales for eating pathology. Fourth, David Cicero will describe the initial development of a measure for the HiTOP thought disorders spectrum, which includes provisional scales tapping both psychosis traits and symptoms. Fifth, Stephanie Mullins Sweat will describe the efforts to build measures of both disinhibited and antagonistic externalizing psychopathology. Finally, Johannes Zimmermann will present the assessment results of the HiTOP detachment workgroup. Following all presentations, the Chair will guide discussion with the audience regarding all presentations and the clinical assessment implications of HiTOP more generally.


Leonard Simms | University at Buffalo

Goals & Objectives 
  1. To introduce the HiTOP model to a broad group assessment-minded psychologists. 
  2. To introduce the methods and plans pf the HiTOP consortium to build measures of the HiTOP. 
  3. To describe the status of HiTOP-specific measures. 

Introduction to the Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP) and the Principles and Practices of the Measurement Workgroup

Leonard Simms, PhD | University at Buffalo

Aidan Wright, PhD | University of Pittsburgh

Internalizing Psychopathology: Structure and Correlations with Personality

David Watson, PhD | University of Notre Dame

Measurement of Somatization and Eating Pathology 

Martin Selbom, PhD | University of Otago

Measurement of the Thought Disorders Spectrum of HiTOP 

David Cicero, PhD | University of North Texas
Katherine Jonas, PhD | Stony Brook University
Roman Kotov, PhD | Stony Brook University

Developing Measures to Assess Antagonistic and Disinhibited Externalizing Psychopathology 

Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt, PhD | Oklahoma State University

Developing Preliminary Scales for Assessing the HiTOP Detachment Spectrum 

Johannes Zimmermann, PhD | University of Kassel
Tom Widiger, PhD | University of Kentucky


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