Structured Interview of Reported Symptoms- 2nd Editions (SIRS-2): Use and Admissibility in Forensic Mental Health Assessment

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Assessment of symptom feigning is paramount in forensic psychological and psychiatric assessment. The Structured Interview of Reported Symptoms, 2nd Edition (SIRS-2; Rogers et al., 2010) is a revised edition to the original SIRS (Rogers et al., Structured Interview of Reported Symptoms (SIRS) and professional manual. Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc, 1992) and was developed to assess feigned psychiatric symptoms. The current paper reviews use of the SIRS-2 in forensic assessment, specifically addressing topics such as translations of the instrument, its use in assessing psychiatric and cognitive feigning, and its use in special populations. Empirical foundation and psychometric properties of the SIRS-2 is also covered. The SIRS-2 was revised in part to reduce false positive classifications of feigning. Research suggests that this goal was largely accomplished, albeit at the expense of reduced sensitivity. The paper also provides a review of federal and state appellate cases that mention the SIRS-2. Notably, most cases that cite the SIRS-2 do not actually center on the SIRS-2, and the test’s admissibility has never been outrightly challenged. The paper concludes with a discussion of expert testimony concerning the SIRS-2.

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Dustin D. Wygant | Eastern Kentucky University


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